Greetings world! Most people call me Livy, but my Christian name is John. I live in Denver, CO with my girlfriend Morgan. I spend my days trading stocks, hiking in the mountains, or hanging out with friends. Ok, ok, yes I play a decent amount of PS3 as well. I enjoy traveling and have lived in 16 zip codes since I graduated college in four states: Iowa, Oregon, California, Washington, and Colorado.

My political views are liberal in personal freedoms, and conservative fiscally. I believe a small government is what the founding fathers’ of our country intended and for good reason. I follow politics and economics very closely. By education and experience supply chain logistics is my chosen profession.

I am opinionated and very happy to share with anyone that will read or listen. My opinions are not limited in scope, I have an opinion on everything!

The picture at the top of the page is Crater Lake, within Crater Lake National Park about 45 minutes northeast of Klamath Falls, OR. It was my favorite place to visit when I lived in OR.


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